Go to http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/VH021 and search for the vegetable gardening guide.  This will tell you many more specific details you need to know about approximate planting dates, spacing, varieties, etc.

Vegetables by Season in Central Florida

This planting schedule is based on the whole state of Florida which can be divided into 3 planting zones:  North, Central, Southern.  Use planting schedules such as this one as a rough planting guide not meant to be exact and precise.  The dates can be moved a little and crops planted somewhat earlier or later.  Push spring planting dates into the cooler months if you are ready with frost protection.  Alternatively, sow some cool-season crops during the hotter months but expect reduced production.  The weather in any given season is not always exactly the same every year, in any given month--temperatures can dip or soar, rain can be higher or lower than "usual".

Cool Season: Oct.-Feb.          Warm Season:  Mar.-May, Aug.-Oct.           Hot Season: June-Aug.

Beets                                                            Beans, snap                                                       Boniato
Broccoli                                                        Beans, pole                                                        Calabaza
Cabbage                                                       Beans, lima                                                         Dasheen
Carrots                                                         Cantaloupes                                                       Okra
Cauliflower                                                   Corn, sweet                                                        Peas, Southern
Celery                                                           Cucumbers                                                        Potatoes, Sweet
Chinese Cabbage                                         Eggplant                                                             Pumpkins
Collards                                                       Okra                                                                   Roselle
Endive/Escarole                                           Peas, Southern                                                  Sweet Cassava
Kale                                                             Peppers, Sweet                                                  Tomatoes, Cherry
Kohlrabi                                                       Potatoes, Sweet                                                Yard Long Beans
Lettuce                                                        Pumpkins                                                           Yautia
Mustard                                                       Squash, Summer                                                       
Onions                                                        Squash, Winter                                                              
Parsley                                                        Tomatoes                                                                       
Peas, English                                              Watermelons                                                                    



What to Plant in Central Florida - August, September, October

Our experienced growers, with up to 20 years experience here in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Polk Counties:

Debbie Butts, Ecofarms, Plant City:
 Plant trays of tomatoes and eggplant--if you want them during the late fall.  They are slow to get to plantable and fruitable size.  Okra is another one that you can squeeze a crop out of before winter.  Green beans ('Contender' bush, etc.), collards, zucchini & yellow squashes--but look out, some of these are ready for the ground within 10 days!    Onion seed should go into trays, for sweet bulbing onions.  Pretty soon we'll be planting the dried scallion bulbs for green onions, right into the garden.  You can continually plant something every week or two all season.
Go to http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/VH021 and search for the vegetable gardening guide.  This will tell you everything you need to know about approximate planting dates, spacing, varieties, etc.  I WOULD like to see varieties updated once in awhile.  We have to rely on each other for info on good varieties for our area.

John Starnes, South Tampa:
I tend to play it safe and direct sow my brassicas, beets, carrots, sugar snap peas in early October when the cool down is palpable. Many folks plant a month earlier, and I always experiment with late August and September sowings of the cool weather crops, but since 1982 I've found that an October sowing in full sun in rich, fertile, pH balanced soil can give folks, especially beginners in need of a boost in confidence, vibrant lush productive winter gardens.
Jeff (Scotty) Campbell, North Lakeland:

What I'm planting in trays: 
August:  Corn and Acorn Squash  August-Mid-September:  Cucumber, Bush Green Beans, Yellow Squash and Zucchini, and Amaranth
August-Februray:  Broccoli

What I'm planting in ground:
August: Potatoes, and also transplanting the following from 4"pots sown in July (or bought as plants) Cherry Tomatoes, Bell peppers, Eggplant

Trying a little early (normally would be October)  planting in trays small amounts of cool season crops:  Kale, Swiss Chard, Beets and Turnips

Lettuce has to wait until October but we have plenty of "alternative, yummy, leafy salad greens" that are thriving now!


What to Plant in Central Florida in January, February, March

coming soon..........from our experienced growers....