SL2012 AWA


4715 Bruton Rd, Plant City

Sponsored and organized by The Community of All World Acres and The Barefoot Gardeners of Central Florida

People are creating personal and community gardens, learning about the benefit of local and holistic food. Collaborations are blossoming through classes, seminars, and projects - gathering appreciation of new and synergistic models of community. How we get it done - how we pay the bills, fuel the engines, offer the time and space - are the economics of our lives. These three areas are the theme for this year's event:

Nutrition, Community, Economics


Richard Fiallo, All World Acres

Yoga with the Thai Yoga Center

Qigong & Plant City Commons Community Garden with Bob Abbenzeller

Awakening The Dreamer Symposium -- David Sinclair

Transition To A New Earth -- Peg Campbell & Tom Carroll

Wild Food and Wildcrafting - Wild food walks throughout the weekend --Andy Firk

Preparing Food Naturally: Cooking, Fermentation -- John Starnes

Collaborative Communication for Sustainable Communities -- Mercedes Frace

Practical Soul Fitness - Managing Your Spiritual Resources in a Changing World-- Mark Schoofs

The Work of Byron Katie, Radical Honesty and Self-Inquiry -- Susanne Gionet

Sustainable Health -- Dr. Anthony James

Surviving Food Addiction -- Rita Sewell

Health Initiatives through Diet and Exercise -- Brian White

Vegan, Vegetarian, Juicing -- Sylvia Colbert

Time Banks -- Marie Nelson

Resilient Communities --Tracy Mullins

Code Green Community -- Eric Stewart

Food Not Bombs -- Ara McLeod

Permaculture and Transitions Towns -- Cristy Abbott

Whinot Garden? -- Lynda Mink

Gardening with Seed Blocks --Jim Kovaleski

Exploring Hugelkultur, Building a Hugel Mound -- Jim Kovaleski

7000 Yrs of Carbon Sequestration -- Jungle Jay Hardman

Gaia's Garden -- Neil Brown & Tom Carroll

Sustainability Through Food Activism -- Preston Larus & Cynthia Calisch, Weston A. Price Foundation

Birdhouse Buyers Club & Announcing Joel Salatin at the Roosevelt -- Ryan Iacovacci

Making Recycled Gifts & Where does Garbage Go? -- Karen Brown

"All About the Sun"- Solar Tech -- Rosalind Baker

Organic, Permaculture, Biodynamics, Solar, Compost Toilets -- The Barefoot Gardeners

The Bridge - Envisioning a Life Sustaining Future

Shawn Brown -- Guitarist and Singer


Added Details on Presentations


  We will have a variety of soups and salads from the Cafe, spreads with bread and crackers, chicken soup and patte, fresh carrot juice, kefir, wheatgrass and teas, dessert.

Dishes made with produce from the garden here at All World Acres and other local, sustainable organic farmers and health food stores.


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SL2012 AWA

"Yesterday, I was clever ~ so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise ~ so I am changing myself." - Rumi

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